My company, Fashion Networks Europe, hosted an intimate dinner for our most important friends and collaborators at the exclusive members’ club Nobile, following a private viewing of Lullaby, the latest McCabe Fine Art exhibition centered around this fantastic painting by Pablo Picasso of Paloma Picasso as a baby.

We decided to chat up the founder of Nobile, Patrick Sommerlath:

What is Nobile, and what was your thesis in creating it?

Nobile is about gathering truly interesting people in one venue and tapping on the energy emanating from it. It’s good for the soul, it’s good for business, and it sure is great fun! Stockholm has so very many great individuals in the professional world but no place in which they can meet. Nobile provides that and doubles as a scene for everything from dinner talks with CNN news anchor Richard Quest and Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg on the future of Europe to a private showing of a Duchamp exhibit in the close-by Museum of Modern Art by its director Daniel Birnbaum or a breakfast enchantment with data visionary Hans Rosling on the state of humanity.

How would one go about trying to become a member?

Be great, be awesome, be there!
You cannot apply for membership at Nobile, but you can let us know of your interest at!

The dinner, hosted on the last night of Mercedes-Benz Stockholm fashion week, featured Stockholm’s most prominent guests. From Swedish design superstars and musicians to high-society denizens and politicians.


Photos: Courtesy of Christian Remröd


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