You recently started a new label; can you tell us a little about it?

Common is based in Malmö, Sweden’s multicultural and creative hot spot. We launched in 2012 with the debut collection House of Sparrow, a line based on the tension between masculine elegance and rebellious youth.

Common proposes a new take on sartorial national heritage, mixing Swedish minimalism with international influences. Using contrasting elements, we want to create a hybrid of quality wardrobe staples and progressive design that appeals to the independent, self-confident individual who is not trend-cautious but aspires to be conspicuous.

You are relatively new on the Swedish fashion scene; what sets Common apart from the rest?

What sets us apart from other Swedish labels is our style and aesthetic. Both of us have studied and worked for years abroad, and by mixing Swedish minimalism with international influences, we created our own DNA. We are not afraid of using color and bold prints in our collections—on the contrary, we embrace it.


What makes Common Swedish?

Common’s Swedish roots are visible in the clean, refined, and minimal design. It’s in the backbone of both of us and therefore a fundamental element of our brand.

What are your goals for the coming seasons?

We are currently working on our AW14 collection. It’s very exiting and we hope it will be as well received as our SS14 has been. We have had great exposure internationally, and we are looking at the possibility of showcasing during one of the international fashion weeks. Everything is still on the drawing table, so we really don’t want to give away too much. We are very excited to see how things will develop.

You didn’t show during fashion week; why is that?

We had the intention of showing during MBFW, however it is very important for us to show our label in the correct and right manner that expresses and reflects our label’s ethos. And most important, when it feels right, and it just didn’t feel that way, therefore we chose to wait for another season.


Who is the ideal customer for Common?

We think of a man who is style conscious and keeps up-to-date with the latest trends. He’s mature and has developed an individual and personal style and isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd.

How would you describe the aesthetic, the spirit, and the ideology of the brand?

We have previously described Common’s identity and aesthetic as a fusion of London edge, Paris chic, and Scandinavian minimalism. This fusion is still very much a part of our identity, as it’s really part of who we are as individuals and designers. But there is also a need for contradicting elements in our design, like the tension between masculine elegance and rebellious youth in our debut collection. It’s this hybrid that describes Common.

What is the next step for the line?

Our aim is to constantly remain current in our thinking and to bring new and fresh ideas. We will introduce a new contributor for our seasonal Common Grounds collaborations, and this time we would like to highlight different aspects without saying too much.

We are also looking into introducing some accessories to complement the collection and create a total look.


Photos: Courtesy of Christian Remröd


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