When I found Number (N)ine in a Japanese magazine called Men’s Non-No, I was moved and started digging into the fashion world. Without it, I would not be in fashion. After Number (N)ine, Takahiro Miyashita began designing his own label, Takahiro Miyashita The Soloist. He might quit social media activities soon, but his passion for fashion will never die.

I haven’t told you this until now, but Number (N)ine was the reason why I became interested in fashion. How about you?

I don’t remember when and how, but I was already into fashion when I went to primary school.

What did you wear at that time?

I was too young to go shopping by myself, so my mom took me to Seibu department store in Ikebukuro. For instance, she bought me a madras check button-down shirt by J. Press.

Did you choose clothes by yourself?

I remember that I liked check patterns from that time. Once, she bought me a candy-stripe shirt, but didn’t like it.

Which did you start taking an interest in first: fashion or music?

I was a big fan of fashion, totally, and even didn’t like music at that time because my dad was a composer. I liked to listen to the music, but didn’t like music itself. After a while, I became a big fan of music, though.

Everyone knows you love fashion and music, but are there any other things that you like?

I watch a lot of films. When my friends and I found cool styles in films, we used to look for the same clothes in stores. Of course, we couldn’t find exactly the same ones, so we tried to customize [things] by ourselves.

Several years ago, you told me that you wanted to be born as a Westerner. Do you still feel the same?

Yes, that’s my goal. When you say foreign countries, it was America for me, so I want to be American.

I’ve never seen you with blond hair, for example.

I did [have blond hair] once, but it and the mustache were more white than blond. That is also one of my dreams, which never come true…

How about living in the U.S.?

I really want to, maybe in San Francisco. L.A. is too big for me. I prefer smaller cities like Portland.

Let’s talk about your current creation. I believe that your new brand, Takahiro Miyashita The Soloist, is what you want to work on yourself.
Yes, 100 percent true. It is my solo activity.


Is there any fashion designer who you respect?

There are too many…. For a period of time, I was crazy about Romeo Gigli, and I wore his clothes all the time. I liked the way he used colors. Although I didn’t know what he looked like!

I imagined that you would like someone like Christopher Nemeth, who focuses on making clothes without expanding business too much.

I like his clothes, especially textiles. Yes, my super-independent stance might be very similar to his. I always get bored if things become too big and too mass. I always prefer to eat with less people and never go to parties.

Ah, I always see on Instagram you going out and eating with your friends. Do you post in real time?

Yes, I see them a lot. Although some of those posts on Instagram are not in real time. Actually, half of the restaurants that I post are the ones I want to go to…I would say, my wish list.

I see. Why did you start Instagramming in the first place? Did you switch from a BlackBerry to an iPhone?

I have no sense of computers, but I started using an iPhone! It was when I had dinner with my friends, and one of them set up Instagram for me.

I remember you were on Facebook before.

Yes, but I quit. I will quit Instagram, too, as I’m sure I’ll get bored of it soon…

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Photo: Courtesy of Junsuke Yamasaki


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