Hummus plays a huge role in my life as my main comfort food, and thus searching for the perfect hummus in Berlin is one of my concerns. I found an excellent one at Akko, a deli in Wedding, which looks like any other deli offering Arabic and Middle Eastern food but is actually a real gem. Akko’s hummus is one of the best in Berlin (as well as its foul and mosabaha, also its haloumi and falafel, pretty much everything on the menu, that is). The hummus is creamy, hearty (and, very important, heartwarming), and so delicious, and it comes with a side of pickled radishes, mint, cucumber, tomatoes, and olives and a pack of flat white bread. While Berlin is still a developing city when it comes to most foreign cuisines, great spots for Arabic and Middle Eastern food are something we’ve got plenty of.

Photo: Courtesy of Mary Scherpe


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