This week I took my first actual vacation to New York City since a trip that was my bar mitzvah present from my parents. I cannot remember the last non-work related trip I’ve taken to NYC in a very long time. I came for museums, plays, restaurants, parks, and people watching. I was finally able to be a tourist in the city. And here, my Style Map friends, are two of my favorite things that I experienced this time around:


Buyer & Cellar

Michael Urie, Juilliard grad and mostly known for his role as the snarky gay assistant on Ugly Betty, stars in this incredible off-Broadway show. It is a (very) tall tale about a young gay man in Los Angeles who gets a job working at the mall beneath Barbra Streisand’s Malibu estate. It was truly the most entertaining ninety-five minutes I’ve spent for as long as I can remember. Run, don’t walk, to see it. It was better than Cats.

Spuyten Duyvil

This little gem of a Williamsburg bar is everything Silver Lake and Echo Park bars wish they could be. Tons of locally brewed beers alongside offbeat Belgian, British, German, French, and Japanese brews are on tap at this chicly understated Brooklyn haunt. Delicious cheese and pâté plates, friendly bartenders, a huge outdoor space, and great lighting should be enough to get you over the bridge to Brooklyn.

Photos: Courtesy of Buyer & Cellar; Micah Schifman


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