The genmaicha with matcha and the gyokuro are incredible. The hojicha is to die for.

“Is she smokin’ grass?” you might be asking yourself. “What is she going on about?”

I am talking about my tea, my yummy green tea leaves. I love my green teas, especially the Japanese ones. And if I do not want to take an eleven-hour flight to Tokyo to drink it, I just go to Jugetsudo in Paris. It is tea heaven or, to be more accurate, the most special tea den on the tea planet.


Stepping into Jugetsudo transports me from café capital to tea-temple heaven. “Beam me up, Jean-Pierre!” and poof, I am in Tokyo, where everyone is bowing and greeting me with the loveliest smiles and the most polite expressions.

Jugetsudo’s atmosphere is unique and authentic, and its delicious tea is for sale either as loose leaves or in bags. And if you want to relax your five senses, you can always go for the tea ceremony. It is the essence of refinement.

It is teatime, and I cannot wait to have my matcha. Sayonara for now!

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Photos: Courtesy of Mira Mikati


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