Petter Askergren, rapper and entrepreneur, just celebrated the fifteenth anniversary of his first album, Mitt Sjätte Sinne, with a celebrated concert. He is also involved in the launch of a new fast-food joint called Käk, opening October 1 at Hornsbruksgatan 24-26 in Stockholm.

As someone strongly associated with the Södermalm (south side) part of Stockholm, what should one not miss while visiting that part of town?

As a tourist, I would say to visit Nytorget, but don’t hang around there too long. Get on the subway to Mariatorget and wander Hornsgatan down to Hornstull. Currently these parts of Södermalm are the most relevant, in my opinion. If you visit during the summer, I suggest you go swimming at Långholmen, and if you like to jump from high heights, you can climb up under the Västerbro bridge. The beauty of Stockholm is the proximity to water and the freedom to know that you can take a swim right in the center of the city.

If you like to wave surf, then Torö’s rocky beaches are very nice on days when the wind comes in from the southwest. Shopping is great on all of Södermalm, but I recommend Denim Demon Jeans—great stuff with a history from Jämtland. Also visit Sneakers ‘n’ Stuff, chosen as the world’s best sneakers store, BOOM! People can line up there for days for limited [edition] drops.

Where and what do you usually eat out in Stockholm?

Basically, I just eat at two restaurants in town: Judit & Bertil in Hornstull, and Nostrano, an Italian place at Timmermansgatan 13. My big brother’s best friend runs the place and I always get a great chef’s table. Tobbe, who started it, has opened some of Stockholm’s best Italian restaurants. Stockholm has really stepped up and is very up to par with the rest of the world in terms of cuisine.

What do you miss the most about Stockholm while on the road touring?

How calm Stockholm is, and the slow-paced tempo. Stockholm grows by one hundred people per day, but during the summer it’s amazing to wander the streets that are pretty much empty of people. I live in the middle of Hornsgatan, and I just love being in the middle of traffic, crowds, and the noise.

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Photo: Courtesy of Petter Askergren


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