Once the weekend began, Tyson humbly bowed out of the rest of the shows for a while. It was time for him to pick up his training regimen, as training camp was rapidly approaching. His priorities are definitely made clear—first comes basketball, then comes fashion. This left Thakoon and Opening Ceremony for me to attend with Browne Andrews, who is the creative behind some of Tyson’s best looks. They collaborate on his eclectic ensembles and the magazine spreads Tyson has been blessed to grace. It doesn’t hurt that he is my brother, so I get to pick his brain and utilize his talent for some of my events as well. Both Thakoon and Opening Ceremony did not disappoint. The designs were fashion-forward and unpredictable. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Thakoon, as he usually surprises me with his mix of naughty and nice. Hence the bit of lace peep show his colorful collared ensemble provided, which I wore while mobbing through the busy streets. I think Opening Ceremony speaks for itself. If you don’t know what I am referring to, please go to the style section of this site and be amazed by the designers’ first show. Need I say more?


Finally, as we closed yet another successful week of fashion, we attended the ever-exclusive Vanity Fair International Best Dressed party. I wore Suno, of course, fresh off of Friday’s runway. We ran into our dear friends Marc and June, and had the pleasure of meeting the effortlessly chic Jay Manuel (above)—who, might I add, is beautiful and perfectly manicured. There was literally NOT ONE HAIR OUT OF PLACE! As if that wasn’t enough, André Leon Talley (below), who my family and I affectionately refer to as our “godfather of fashion,” graced us with his cape-clad presence. I love him. He is certainly a fashion force to be reckoned with.


Vera Wang was the very last show we attended. Hers was the first we went to at Lincoln Center, and I will say there is a certain air the designers who have been in the industry for a long time exude. It’s a confidence and maturity the show holds. It was a privilege for Tyson and me to meet her, and a pleasure to wear her beautiful clothing. She is an icon in the industry, and I believe she has definitely set the tone for what we see in fashion houses today.

Before basketball, before fashion, and before anything else comes our family. So we could not have been more excited to completely wrap up any and all things fashion by seeing our babies walk the runway for Nike and the Amar’e and Alexis Stoudemire Foundation (below). It was a great close to a long but fun week.

This has been my fashion week roundup.


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