Ebba Bucht Lugani, CEO of Björk & Berries

What is Björk & Berries?

Björk & Berries is an eco-luxury beauty brand derived from Swedish nature and traditions. The company was founded in an attempt to revive the Swedish beauty region around Gävle, where there were four factories that made perfumes and soaps in the 19th century.

The current vision is to take the Swedish traditions within the beauty industry to a global audience and develop new, modern, and cutting-edge eco-luxury ranges for the future, with exclusive and effective products that are steeped in Swedish nature, beauty, and design. Björk & Berries launches its first new perfume and skincare range with products of the highest quality, containing natural and organic ingredients, in addition to relaunching the entire Björk & Berries brand. The perfume and skincare products for body and home are all made in Sweden.

What makes eco-friendly luxury?

Björk & Berries’ aim is to simultaneously promote a sustainable environment and high quality by using handpicked, natural, and organic ingredients with beneficial, documented results—do good, look good, feel good. Eco-friendly is the mission, and the luxury dimension is added by creating products with the highest quality ingredients, perfume, and design—eco-luxury. Just eco-friendly is not enough; people are still vain.

Is it harder to make beauty and skin products for Scandinavians, given the big shifts in seasons?

We have taken our inspiration from just that—the tough conditions that we Scandinavians have due to our climate and how our beauty routines have developed historically. It has created a very special relationship to beauty; you cannot go out with the perfect blow-dry in a snowstorm, you have to find beauty in a natural way, with beautiful skin and hair because it’s healthy! We have to be strong and healthy to look good during these conditions, and that includes a sporty lifestyle as well as deeply rehydrating beauty products. The Swedish are the definition of natural beauty.

I also believe that our nature and dark climate have a cultural influence on the Swedes. A mystical landscape and a deep sense of longing have resulted in a sensitive approach to art, design, nature, and healthy living. Björk & Berries distills this native temperament, creating perfume and skincare products that mirror the allure of the people.

You draw a lot of inspiration from the forest. What is it that makes us Swedes feel so connected to the woods?

I think the forest has a very relaxing effect on the human being. There is nothing like a walk in the forest with fresh air; it’s a source of recreation. The forest, with its trees and berries, provides sources of active benefits and has been used historically. Also, our culture is full of the mysticism of the forest, with the tales of Älvor, Näcken, etc. [elves and trolls].

What’s next for Björk & Berries?

We have just launched our first perfume line, White Forest, in our eco-luxury product range, in select shops in Sweden and on our online store
(we ship to EU). The next step is to enter the U.K. in January. And then later, to the U.S. is our goal!

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