It’s rare that foreign magazines can do “Russian issues” well, especially with an emphasis on fashion. Two gentlemen, who you can see at any and all fashion shows around the world—Godfrey Deeny and Markus Ebner—are the editors of the magazine Achtung. You know, for the Russians, the word achtung is like a flick on the forehead. We have grown up on such a large number of Soviet films where “Hände hoch!” and “Achtung! Achtung!” sounded like the terrible words of invaders. Happily, now that is a distant echo of Soviet propaganda, and today the British Godfrey and German Markus dazzled with a stylish issue, and experienced Russian and Soviet aesthetics sprinkled with “fashionable powder.”


Of course, that was not possible without a fashion shoot centered around the Dior fashion show at Red Square, which took place this summer. There’s also a shoot called “Russian Front Row.” Featured in it are the same people you will see if you come to Moscow and go to the Simachev bar or attend a couple of parties. But in general, it’s the frames of our famous subway, Soviet monuments, and houses with carved windows—all those clichés like that, nicely settled on the pages of the German magazine…



Photos: Courtesy of Vika Gazinskaya


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Vika Gazinskaya

Moscow-born designer Vika Gazinskaya cut her teeth as an editor at a variety of titles, including L'Officiel Russia. In 2007 she debuted her eponymous ready-to-wear label, known for its idiosyncratic ...