Ludwig Cramer-Klett’s restaurant, Katz Orange, is one of my favorite places in Berlin to meet friends. The excellent food is made from locally farmed ingredients that have been produced with respect toward all forms of life. The dishes vary from season to season, but the incredibly slow-roasted meats are consistently spot-on. It doesn’t matter if you want to come for an early dinner or a late-night drink (on weekends, the legendary 80-something-year-old blues musician Daddy Hemingway deejays here often), the atmosphere is always great, thanks in part to the variety of works by artists like Kerim Seiler and Gregor Hildebrandt that fill the interior.


Ludwig (above) and his team recently launched the Contemporary Food Lab, attached to Katz Orange. In its exhibition space you can currently find a show by artist Thomas Rentmeister. An event space for panel discussions, workshops, and performances centered around the relationship between nature and culture will follow.

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Photos: Courtesy of Sven Schumann


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