Now, we’re probably going to regret this—unveiling one of our most favorite vintage spots—but we are feeling the need to share. With so many vintage stores poppin’ up these days, it’s hard to pick a place to go pickin’! Many are overpriced or, well, just kinda gross, so once you find a gem you trust, you just keep on coming back.

Squaresville, in Los Feliz, has been our place for years. It has a curated and eclectic mix of so many amazing things in excellent condition for such good prices, there’s really no reason to go anywhere else. It’s where you’ll find that rare Contempo Casuals/vintage YSL/nineties furry crop top/sequined anything that no one else will have and you will have only spent a cool $18. Hot tip: Don’t rule out the men’s area upstairs—there is always something good among those racks.

Squaresville, 1800 N. Vermont Ave. (at Franklin Ave.), Los Angeles, (323) 669-8464.

Photo: Courtesy of POSSO


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