As the most sought-after makeup artist for major Chinese celebrities, Zing has become one of the top influencing, recognized figures in beauty, fashion, and entertainment in Asia.

Highly respected for his talent and achievements, he has also adopted a signature outfit that has become synonymous with the Zing “brand.” Somewhat like Tom Ford and his black suit, Zing cuts a fine figure with his daily uniform of a Chanel tweed jacket, a white Hanes T-Shirt, and black BBC Smart Cut Jeans.

How many Chanel jackets do you have right now?
I have close to 200 jackets…

Why are you obsessed with collecting these jackets? What got you started?
I don’t just like things. I get obsessed with them. Obviously, makeup is still my major obsession, but I am very particular with colors and small details. I like the Chanel jacket because it transcends fashion. There’s something about the crisp line and silhouette of the jacket that fits me very well, and just makes me feel very confident every time I put one on. More than half of the Chanel jackets I own are black, but even then, there are different shades of black, fine details, and embellishments that make each jacket stand on its own.


Do you have any crazy stories to get your hands on a rare jacket?
I have a friend in Paris who helps me acquire vintage pieces from auction houses, including rarities from the fifties, sixties, and eighties. One time, I did fly from Hong Kong to Paris just for the day to pick up one jacket that was not shown on the catwalk, which I had to look at in person.

Which jacket are you wearing the most right now?
I wear all my jackets repeatedly. I don’t just wear something once—I hate that. When it gets colder in Hong Kong, I am looking forward to wearing a few pieces from the pre-fall 2013 Paris Edinburgh collection. The jackets have more details than usual, and I have about 4 to 5 pieces from this collection.


Photos: Courtesy of Zing


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