4Me, as the Bride of Frankenstein, and curator Elise Van Middelem, as herself.

San Francisco takes Halloween seriously. Why? San Franciscans love a costume. Most, in fact, have a “costume box”—a box of disguises at the ready for the city’s bevy of occasions to metamorphose oneself. These fantasy events include the Christmas-themed SantaCon; bondage, leather, whips, and chains at the Folsom Street Fair; the masquerade-marathon Bay-to-Breakers, and, of course, the spiritual culmination of costumery, Burning Man.

Here is how we haunted:

1 With a nod to Miss Havisham….

2 Ballerina Masha Kochetkova in Olympia Le-Tan, enjoying a sparerib.

3Matching morbid manicures. Ring by Fenton Fallon.

Photos: Courtesy of Lauren Goodman


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