Personally, I love the fall. I was born in October, and it’s wonderful weather for wearing my lovely items, like an oversized cashmere coat, a vintage Raf Simons sweatshirt with wool-blended sweatpants, a Shetland wool knit cap, etcetera. Here are my essential items for this fall, before the cold winter comes.

Daily tops: Above, from left, Raf Simons black vintage sweatshirt, Muji ivory turtleneck knit, Thom Browne black zip-up parka.


Daily caps: Clockwise from top left, A.P.C. x Carhartt navy knit cap, Muji khaki Shetland wool knit cap, H&M NYC blue knit cap, A Kind of Guise navy knit cap.


Daily socks and ties: Collage socks, Double RL & Co. brown wool tie, Mementomori Seoul red striped silk tie.


Outerwear with military details: Sacai MA-1 brown jacket, Miharayasuhiro beige heavy cotton jacket, A.P.C. Surplus green military coat.


Oversized coat and sweatpants: Navy cashmere tailored coat from Japan, H&M gray sweatpants.

Photos: Courtesy of Hong Sukwoo


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Hong Sukwoo

Hong Sukwoo, a.k.a. yourboyhood, is a fashion journalist and street-style photographer. In 2006, Hong launched the Seoul, South Korea-based photo-documentary blog yourboyhood. He is also editor in chief of the ...