Anya Bondell is the associate editor and creative director of the relaunched Cahiers d’Art. I met her on the Eurostar in September, on my way to Paris fashion week. We caught each other’s eyes as some businessman was tutting at the thought of having to sit next to my daughter for two hours. (Some men can be such babies.) I left the train with a new friend and a copy of the magazine. Cahiers d’Art is the revue edited by the eponymous French publishing house founded in 1926 by Christian Zervos. It presents contemporary art in a beautiful, nostalgic manner—and it is a pleasure to hold and to look at.

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Photos: Courtesy of Valentine Filliol-Cordier


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Valentine Fillol-Cordier

Stylist/Creative Consultant
Valentine Fillol-Cordier is a fashion stylist and consultant. Having started off as a young model and leaving Paris for London when she was only 17, it was while working and ...