People laugh, but if you have your own brand, wear-testing the products is an important thing. It’s the best way to understand what works and what doesn’t, in a realistic and functional way. And, of course, it’s my favorite part. Why else did I start a brand of summerwear if not to go to sunny climes as much as I can?!

My boyfriend works in music, mainly reggae, and travels to Jamaica every year. I, however, had never managed to make it there—until last week. All I can say is that the water is as blue as I imagined, the people as cool, and the jerk chicken as tasty. And my new beach cover-ups, the ten bikinis, and handful of sunglasses I took all got some good wear-testing.

Am back in the freezing cold of NYC now and already dreaming of my next wear-testing trip!


Photos: Courtesy of Anna Laub


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Anna Laub

Anna Laub is the founder and creative director of the eyewear, swimwear, and accessories brand Prism. Prior to launching it in 2009, she worked as a fashion journalist, was the ...