To celebrate the launch of Jean-François Piège’s new book, we organized a book signing at Colette last week, followed by a very private dinner in our water bar.

Our kitchen is very small and not made for “haute cuisine,” but Jean-François (above, with André Saraiva) said it was a real luxury compared to Versailles, where he had to cook in very difficult conditions, in the only room with no wood parquet.


It was beyond wonderful! Each plate arrived with more subtle tastes, more delicate feelings, more magic. Jean-François didn’t sit at all, just danced between us and the kitchen. All of his team and his plates came from Thoumieux to Colette for the night. We wish we could have kept them forever! If you come to Paris, don’t miss his restaurant and hotel, and soon his gateaux, opening at 58 rue Saint-Dominique.


Photos: Pierre Lucet-Penato


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Sarah Andelman

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Miss Colette, since 1997, in love with Paris and a happy mum. Photo: Pete Caigan