Since relocating to Australia eighteen months ago I’ve noticed a definite candle revolution happening Down Under. Among an impressive camaraderie of brands is Melbourne’s own Scent of Home, a label that made its debut in a backyard studio while its founder, Kristine Brown, was on maternity leave. Fast-forward twelve months, and it’s rapidly gaining momentum as an international contender thanks to an assortment of highly concentrated, 100 percent soy wax candles christened with exotic names like Black Lily Flower, Cade Wood & Lavender, Coconut & Kaffir Lime, and my personal favorite, Botanical Anise. Blended with almond and coconut oils, they even come with personalized branding; mine reads: “FOR LINLEE, STYLE MAPS MELBOURNE GAL.”

Bonus extra: Ten percent of each sale is donated to, an anti-trafficking organization that aspires to create a world where no one’s basic right to freedom is sold for the highest bid.

Go forth and burn:

Photo: Courtesy of Linlee Allen


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