#quozhappens happened after two dramatic days of storm warnings, rain, thunder, children being sent home from school, and the Abu Dhabi Art Fair having to call it a day for a day.

Launched in 2012 by Al Serkal Avenue, home to a number of galleries and cultural spaces and Art in the City, Quoz Happens is a daylong festival of the creative community inhabiting the Al Quoz industrial area. The program included gallery tours, workshops, food and craft markets, artist talks, exhibition openings, pop-up shops, book signings, panel discussions, and film screenings.


I had decided to stay on Al Serkal Avenue for the duration of the event, but those who were more organized than I am could go around all the festival venues using the shuttle service.

My personal highlight was the opening of the A4 pop-up community space. With the recent closure of spaces like Traffic and Downtown Pavilion, which provided the city with alternative programming and a space to work/meet/debate/hang out, A4 is a much needed addition to the cultural infrastructure of the city.

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Photos: Courtesy of Tima Ouzden


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