I went to the first-birthday party for Sushi Samba in London last week. I had just landed from New York that morning, but I was not prepared to miss Neneh Cherry, one of my all-time-favorite artists, who was performing.

Neneh is someone whose music I have loved since I was in my early teens, and someone who was so influential to me and my friends, in not only music but fashion, too, when we were growing up.

Neneh, together with Judy Blame, the stylist and jewelry maker, were part of Ray Petri’s hugely influential Buffalo movement. Judy also helped create Neneh’s iconic style, mixing high fashion and sportswear, a look that we all take for granted today.

And while, really, I could write thousands of words about how influential Judy and Ray were, an interesting quick point to mention is that Neneh was very much a central part of this crew, who claimed everything they did was about working with musicians or models who didn’t just have the right look, but also had the right spirit. (This is the same era that a young Kate Moss emerged from, FYI.)

Sushi Samba itself is a pretty phenomenal venue, too, with amazing views of London, and the food was delicious. Seeing Neneh perform live was like the perfect dessert!

Photo/Video: Courtesy of Anna Laub


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