I always liked to watch when my mother was doing her makeup in front of the vanity mirror when I was a kid. It was a sense of peeking into the holy land of women. I remember her using Shiseido cosmetics, and every time I saw that logo and the cosmetics in frosted glass bottles, I had dreams of becoming an adult.

Memories of those days floated to mind when Hiroko Ozeki, a friend from my New York era, sent me an invitation to a party. I had not seen much of the Art Deco camellia logo recently, but felt surprise that its form always reminds me of childhood. Nowadays it is becoming new—a good, sentimental conclusion leads to something I always found classic.


Dick Page (above) was in town celebrating his new collection for Shiseido, Celebrate Color, with muse/model Sui He (below) from New York at Idol in Aoyama. It was such a fun night out with my girlfriends Hiroko Kawasaki and Ryota, who is a makeup artist. We tried many of the colors on our faces. It’s always a fun thing to find new hues when the season changes.

Read more about the party here.

Photos: Courtesy of Kazumi Asamura Hayashi


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