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When I moved to Nashville, my friends weren’t chomping at the bit to come visit. It’s not that they don’t love me—of course they do: I’m great! Back then, unless you were crazy about country kitsch, the idea of spending a long weekend in Nashville wasn’t overly appealing. So the mountain had to go to Muhammad.

A decade later, the tide has turned in my favor. Nashville is suddenly all that; a little while back, one men’s magazine went as far as to christen us “Nowville.” There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t get a call from a New York or L.A. friend giving me the heads-up that they’re coming to town, usually for work or pleasure, but often to settle in for good. In any case, I’m frequently asked to recommend my favorite shopping spots. Passionate secondhand advocate that I am, thrift and antiques stores are always at the top of my list, with Wonders on Woodland leading the pack.


Over the years, I’ve sent hundreds of people to this East Nashville antiques shop, where top-notch MCM furniture shares space with lovingly selected folk art, books, lighting, and myriad tchotchkes ranging from Italian ceramics to the delicate little wooden bird ornaments currently on display for the holidays. And the jewelry—don’t get me started. The selection is extensive and eclectic in the best possible sense of the word (I have to be feeling especially social the days I choose to wear one of the many necklaces I have from Wonders: they’re major conversation starters). Prices are incredible across the board and never fail to blow the minds of folks used to shopping in big-city antiques stores.

The owners are Deb and Wayne Goodwyn (below), who are two of my favorite people in the universe. Wonders has been their post-retirement plan for years, and they’re clearly having a ball splitting their time shopping for booty (like me, they enjoy a good picking road trip) and manning the shop, where in their warm and welcoming way, they encourage neighbors, friends, and strangers alike to treat the space like a living room, albeit one where everything just happens to be for sale—and pretty damn fabulous.

Wonders on Woodland. 1110 Woodland St., Nashville, Tennessee, 37206, (615) 226-5300.

deb & wayne

Photos: Courtesy of Libby Callaway


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