New Year’s might be a happy time for many, but I always feel a deep nostalgia about the passing of time. Perhaps it’s due to the realization of a few of last year’s unachieved resolutions. Anyhow, my first post of 2014 is about music, of course. Here is my top-ten mixtape of songs released in 2013. I didn’t mix them in, as I’d like you to hear their original versions from beginning to end. After this, let’s move on to an amazing new year, with many new resolutions! Happy New Year, everybody!

Nick Cave, “We No Who U R”

Atoms for Peace, “Ingenue”

Drake, “Started From the Bottom”

Asgeir, “King and Cross”

Queens of the Stone Age, “Smooth Sailing”

Pusha T, “Numbers on the Boards”

David Bowie, “I’d Rather Be High”

Toro Y Moi, “Say That”

James Holden, “Blackpool Late Eighties”

BeyoncĂ©, “Blow (Don’t Drip Remix)”

Photo: Courtesy of Mimi Xu


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Mimi Xu

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Mimi Xu is an internationally renowned music director, deejay (under the name of Misty Rabbit), and sound designer. Raised in Paris, Shanghai, and Copenhagen, Xu eventually headed for Sydney, where ...