As I’ve mentioned before, I have run a quarterly magazine, Spectrum, for four years now. Spectrum magazine is a part of Spectrum Projects, a platform to showcase and collaborate with the creatives who inspire the Spectrum team.

Focusing on modern cultural movements worldwide, Spectrum interviewed impressive creators such as Kim Hyun Sung (photographer), Verbal (of hip-hop group M-Flo), Craig Costello (a.k.a. KR, artist and founder of Krink), Suitman (artist), Joon Oh (former creative director of the Hyundai Card Design Lab and current creative director of the Amorepacific Brand & Design Lab), Tiger JK (hip-hop musician based in Korea), Suyong Joh (former creative director of Naver and current creative director of publisher JOH & Company), Markus Diebel and Joe Tan (chief design officer and cofounder of Incase, respectively), Curtis Kulig (New York-based artist well-known for his “Love Me” graffiti), and more. At Spectrum, we want to interview people who live their day-to-day lives with curiosity, as thinkers.


The theme of our No.12/Winter 2013 issue is “shares.” Everyone involved shared various things: their works, loves and hates, sorrows and pleasures, and even more complicated emotions. My team and I gathered experiences from beautiful personalities: Mr. Joe Hahn of Linkin Park, Mr. Karl Oskar Olsen of Wood Wood, Mr. Ryan McGinley, Mr. Less Kim Taekyun (my favorite photographer in Korea), and more young, talented people who work and live in my city.


If you live in Seoul, you can find Spectrum in various fashion and design boutiques, galleries, cafés, Apple Premium Resellers, and at the Incase flagship store. Oh, and don’t worry if you do not live in South Korea—you can see Spectrum‘s whole new issue, with video interviews, on our official Web site.


Photos: Courtesy of Hong Sukwoo


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Hong Sukwoo

Hong Sukwoo, a.k.a. yourboyhood, is a fashion journalist and street-style photographer. In 2006, Hong launched the Seoul, South Korea-based photo-documentary blog yourboyhood. He is also editor in chief of the ...