If you’re like me and obsessed with art (and pop art, more specifically), stumbling onto a spot such as Hosier Lane, in Melbourne, is about as cool as it gets. The past month’s Australian journey led me to one of the best restaurants ever (MoVida, in Sydney) the “most photographed street in Melbourne,” according to one of the many tourist buses I have taken in my life.


The street is covered from top to bottom with the coolest graffiti and street art. (I’m a big fan of folks like Warhol, Banksy, Mr. Brainwash, and beyond.) And the more you look, the more you find. Painted with everything from weird sayings to a portrait of Mick and Keith (as in Jagger and Richards), artists there are actually encouraged to mess up the walls and funk it up. Out of the coolest places I visited in Australia, I would have to say Hosier Lane was at the top of my list. Plus Melbourne had great food, cool art and culture, and no worries! Attitude, mate…what else could be better? If it were just me and my camera, I probably could have stayed there for hours—but that is probably a solo activity!

See you soon, Hosier Lane…


Photos: Courtesy of Scott Lipps


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