Tiger of Sweden womenswear designers Shena Neville and Tine Grandahl

Tiger of Sweden has over a century’s worth of heritage. What does that mean for your brand in practical terms in 2014?
Most important, our rich heritage provides us with strong ground to stand on. Not depending on current trends and movements [in fashion], we always have our tailored, “different cut” in mind when we create our collections. We believe this is one of the key reasons why Tiger has continued to grow so fast during the past years; we constantly aim to move the tailored Scandinavian fashion forward, without losing our core values.

What can we expect from your show during Stockholm fashion week?
For us, it’s all about being able to give people a fun time, non-[dependent] of the size of the show. We’re taking up our guests’ time when they visit us, and it’s nice to give something back for their effort.

You are now in twenty markets worldwide; how do you feel that we Swedes are perceived, fashionwise?
Globally, Swedes are known as being very fashion-forward, with a minimalist, almost “undone” look. We are seen as being very style conscious and trend sensitive; we put a lot of effort in finding the right details, rather often with a unisex touch.

What is your key woman’s look for A/W 2014 based on?

The Tiger of Sweden woman A/W 2014 look is [derived] from our fascination [with] unconstructed volume and draped softness, juxtaposed with our tailored heritage. Some of our favorite pieces include the deconstructed dropped-shoulder Clio coat in a graphic checked pattern, alongside our clean minimal Lyla blazer and cropped tailored Mie pant in a soft gray color.

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