LAABF-12View of Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair.

L.A.-based writer and curator Kevin McGarry recently remarked that “despite its rising profile as an art capital, Los Angeles has never quite mustered an internationally attended art week until, arguably, just now.”

Meanwhile, the arts blogger William Poundstone pointed out that the idea that Los Angeles is “coming of age” has perhaps run its course. He offered quotes from Time magazine and The New Yorker—some as early as 1965—proclaiming that our “city of suburbs in search of a center” was just beginning to transform into a cultural destination.

People famously come to L.A. to pursue their dreams. Maybe it’s time to acknowledge, rather than be surprised, that it’s also a place to follow art. After all, for a city that’s been characterized as a place where “nobody reads,” it’s important to note that this weekend’s most widely attended event was Printed Matter’s L.A. Art Book Fair.


Mike Davis, the historian and author of City of Quartz, observed that Los Angeles is “infinitely envisioned.” Our impressions of it are always shifting, from street-level to freeway. When it comes to rivalries, New York may be easier to visit and feel like an insider, if for no other reason than the driving, which can take some getting used to in Los Angeles.

This week, I shared that ForYourArt is planning one of our signature twenty-four-hour events, this time in downtown L.A. Everyone is invited, so I hope you’ll follow us for more news about it.

Unknown-1Art Los Angeles Contemporary 2014 opening night

If you missed the art extravaganza this past weekend, here are a few key roundups:

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A photo tour of the L.A. Art Book Fair

“John Baldessari as Muse”

Unknown-2Berlin-based Javier Perez and LA><ART Director Lauri Firstenberg at the Art Los Angeles Contemporary 2014 opening night.

Photo:; Courtesy of Bettina Korek; John Sciulli/Getty Images for Art Los Angeles Contemporary [2]


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