The other day I saw the first screening of the documentary Le Temps Suspendu, by Julie Georgia Bernard. I think the English title is Handmade With Love in France, but I like the French title for its notion of time. It’s about these last independent artisans who resist changing with technology, and who create the most beautiful things for fashion houses. It features Mr. Legeron, who specializes in fabric flowers. I remember the first time I visited his atelier, even before Colette opened. It was so fascinating. So many drawers full of beautiful colors and incredible flowers.

Also included is Mr. Lognon (“Mr. Pleats”), a real character. He sold his company to Chanel’s Paraffection, like many others (Lemarié, Causse, Lesage, Massaro). Another of the film’s stars is Mr. Ré, who carves wooden forms for any hat.

They consider themselves dinosaurs, but they’re magicians. It doesn’t feature Maison Michel, but here are some pics I took of their atelier on Rue Sainte-Anne, before they moved.

These craftsmen are so nice, and these places are so moving, so full of history. Let’s hope we’ll see a “releve” of this type of work!




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