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As Istanbul is the meeting point of many cultures, its music subculture is exquisitely rich and diverse, blending many flavors of cultural characteristics.

Last Thursday there was a great gig at the club Mini Müzikhol—which is the place to go late at night to dance and listen to good electronic music—with Insanlar, a music performance project. Insanlar (“The Peoples”) is a gathering of performers of different genres and backgrounds improvising on tribal shamanic music and the dances and sounds of the Anatolian peninsula.

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The passion comes from the land, the origins, the roots, and yet this harmonizes with the newness of being experimental. This is a totally improvisational band; they don’t have any rehearsals before the gigs. They come together on the concert days and randomly play their instruments and sounds according to their “genres,” without any hierarchy.

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The music is really deep, I must say. It’s kind of seventies psychedelic, tribal and minimal electronic, married with Anatolian folk sounds and traditional instruments in a super-authentic and modern way. This makes the sound unique and universal.

Check the links and enjoy a transcendental journey through the Anatolia, Caucasian, and Mesopotamian cultural worlds.

For more information, visit and Insanlar’s official Facebook page.

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