On the northwest side of Panama, there is the very fantastic province of Bocas del Toro, which translates to “mouth of the bull”—who knows. Anyway, this province is like a jungly-coastal Venice, full of floating restaurants, pretty islands, and secret beaches. There you will find the hotel Sweet Bocas. My friend Annick Bélanger was a successful Montreal-based restaurateur who decided to live part-time in Panama, where she found the original Sweet Bocas, fell in love with it, bought it, and basically redid the whole thing. Now it is as chic as chic can be.


Forget Tulum, forget St. Barts—this place is out of control. I went there with my gringa girlfriend (the cutest) and a bunch of our New York City friends, and they were all in shock. A small plane ride from the city, a small boat ride from Bocas Town, and boom, you are in an aquatic heaven. Fresh lobster, their own organic sustainable garden, a personal chef, massages, Internet, and you. This place is amazing. So if you wanna go on an all-out beachy-fun trip, be sure to come to Sweet Bocas. The house has seven rooms, but it fits a small army of sexy peeps. Come here and you will learn why it is called Sweet Bocas…so sweet.

Hasta la vista!


Photos: Courtesy of Miky Fabrega


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