Where: Mandarin Oriental, NYC

Who: Natasha and Oliver

Why: Valentine’s Day is also Oliver’s birthday, so we decided on a combined lunchtime treat at the restaurant, which has the best views of Manhattan. After much food and alcohol had been consumed, a well-dressed man in his eighties came over to our table and wished Oliver a happy birthday along with his beautifully elegant wife. He then leant in closer and asked, without a second thought, “You know what’s better than roses on the piano?” We both shook our heads, to which he replied, “Two lips on the organ.”


Photos: Courtesy of Oliver Clegg & Natasha Chambers


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Oliver Clegg & Natasha Chambers

Artist & Designer
Oliver Clegg and Natasha Chambers are a British couple currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Oliver is an artist working in both 2-D and 3-D, and Natasha is an illustrator ...