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Anders Dahlberg, BikeID.

Formed in 2009, BikeID has earned great success by offering premium and customizable bicycle designs. All models are built from the idea that less is more. The designs are minimalistic yet distinctive, and both men’s and women’s models are carefully weighed between function and beauty.

What made you start BikeID?

It actually started when one of us was out shopping for a new bike but just couldn’t find any he liked. Most bikes were poorly designed, and for someone who wanted more from a bike than the latest tech gimmicks, the choices were close to none. Also, for most people, a bicycle is quite a big investment, so we felt that we wanted to involve people already at an early stage and let them be a part of the creative process.

Do you see cycling as way of commuting, or a way to extend one’s personal expression and style?

For us, it’s always been about both. We want to give you the riding experience of your life, but we [also] want people to turn their heads in envy as you’re enjoying it. Just like any other personal effects, your bike is an extension of who you are.

The business of personalized products has grown rapidly in the last few years. Can having so much choice be overwhelming?

No doubt. We had customers coming in last season telling us that they had their mind set on buying a bike the previous season but just couldn’t make up their mind because of all the choices. Our design apps are a great way to present our products, but we also provide set designs handpicked by our creative team to simplify the buying process. Our set designs have increased significantly in sales the past year, and our U.S. launch is built solely on set designs.


Your new metallic range seems to have a direct relation to current fashion obsessions; do you draw a lot of inspiration from fashion?

Of course. It’s inevitable, I think. You see things you like in art, design, and fashion and think about how you can apply it to your own creations and designs. The good thing with bicycles is that the core construction is beautiful by default; our job is to refine it and make it stand out from our competitors’ designs.

You recently launched an exclusive model for the MoMA store. How did that come about?

All credit for that collaboration goes to our branch in New York, which is doing a great job of introducing the brand to the U.S. market. Robert, who is a designer, was presenting some of his personal stuff to the MoMA last year, when they got their eyes on the BikeID he had parked outside their office. Six months later, it was available in their stores as a MoMA exclusive, and they even labeled it a “New Design Classic” in their fall catalog.

Tell us about what’s going on right now with BikeID.

In addition to our U.S. launch, we have new partners in both Russia and the Middle East. We’re opening up a BikeID concept store in Moscow in just a couple of weeks, and if all goes to plan, we have a store [opening] in Dubai come fall.

With spring approaching, what would be a BikeID-approved scenic route in Stockholm?

I would start at Nytorget in Södermalm and make my way up along Katarinavägen, where you enjoy one of the greatest views of Stockholm there is. Then I would go past the Royal Castle in Gamla Stan and head for beautiful Djurgården.

Photos: Courtesy of Christian Remröd


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