Anaïs Lafarge, Guillaume Steinmetz, and Romain Joste are indeed my kind of jeune gens modernes (modern young people).

In this young and talented trio, I see everything I want to see everywhere in Paris: kindness, smartness, impeccable and ambitious taste, as well as irresistible charm.

And it is impossible to resist anything they venture into—from their carefully edited Web site, to The Broken Arm, the beautiful multi-brand store they opened in the heart of Le Marais, to the delicious café that neighbors it, where you’ll meet everyone you should know in Paris.

And now, for those of us who would like to take home some of their understated yet inspired signature style, they just launched a subtle and delightful perfume that will make you feel you are part of their very chic tribe.

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Photo: Courtesy of The Broken Arm


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