Here’s my top ten from Paris fashion week:

1. The sun! And blossoming spring trees…and rainbows on rainy vs. sunny days…


2. Our Chanel backpack window (here’s a photo from the installation with the artist Ogre, who did the back painting) and the fabulous Chanel supermarket show at the Grand Palais!


3. Artist Kenny Scharf‘s painting on our side door, and his Karbombz!


4. The book launch of Hello Kitty Collaborations (Rizzoli), here with Jeremy Scott.


5. Gareth Pugh’s show and this incredible paper-snow dress.


6. Our Crazy Horse party to celebrate the Hello Kitty x Playboy collaboration, and my Ashish lightning dress and hand-done custom nails by Mei!

7. Cléo Le-Tan in a fun white bunny costume during Olympia Le-Tan’s magic show!

8. Repossi‘s new White Noise collection!

9. A typically fun Azumi & David collection. This time it’s about pixel bags!

10. Julien David caps.

Photos: Courtesy of Sarah Andelman


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Sarah Andelman

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Miss Colette, since 1997, in love with Paris and a happy mum. Photo: Pete Caigan