To those in search of the charm and color of old Morocco, at first sight Casablanca might be a touch disappointing. But look beyond the stark white veneer, and you find a city alive with culture and industry, given an edge of progressiveness by a cast of characters both vigorous and cosmopolitan. The French oversaw its grand expansion in the twenties, and the beautiful deco buildings of this period provide glamorous punctuation marks to the city’s decidedly modern architectural script. I was in town with my friends from Chivas Regal (open-mindedness here extending to the quiet consumption of a high-class cocktail or two), bringing a little Savile Row √©lan to the fine gentlemen of the Maghreb.


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Photos: Courtesy of Patrick Grant


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Patrick Grant

After revamping fabled Savile Row tailor Norton & Sons, Edinburgh-born designer Patrick Grant relaunched the historic tailoring house of E. Tautz as a men's ready-to-wear line in 2009. The move ...