Where: Crondall Primary School, Crondall, Nr. Farnham, Hampshire, UK.
Who: Oliver (via Skype)/pupils from Crondall School/photographer Matt Hass
Why: For his solo show at the Freud Museum in 2008, Oliver made a selection of drawings called Freud’s Psychosexual Coloring-In Book (“Mummy,” “Daddy,” “Id,” “Ego,” and “Superego”). Oliver and Natasha thought it would be fun to get pupils from his primary school in England to paint 200 of these coloring-in book pages and see what the varying results were. A very brief lesson/introduction was conducted by Oliver via Skype and the rest was all the left to the children. The results were extraordinary.


Photos: Courtesy of Oliver Clegg & Natasha Chambers


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Oliver Clegg & Natasha Chambers

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Oliver Clegg and Natasha Chambers are a British couple currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Oliver is an artist working in both 2-D and 3-D, and Natasha is an illustrator ...