Massimo Buster Minale, founder, Buster + Punch

Buster + Punch is a very exciting London-based interiors brand that just debuted a shop in Stockholm two weeks ago. Prior to opening its own doors, the company mostly created bespoke work for private clients.

I spoke to the founder, Massimo, and asked how he decided to open up in Stockholm—and as with many others, the love of one Swedish woman brought him here.
All the products, ranging from lighting and hardware (to encourage young aspiring designers to customize furniture) to bespoke café racers, feature handcrafted metals from the U.K. that are solid and give everything a sturdy impression.

How is it that you, after a career in architecture, decided to start Buster + Punch?
Architecture is a very slow process, where your ideas are continually watered down to the point of nonexistence. I longed for a more creative life where what you produce is 100 percent yours. I became obsessed with metal, fashion, and motorbikes, and from our small garage in East London, I started to produce beautiful one-off lighting, furniture, leather jackets, and motorbikes for rock stars. As interest grew, we decided that it would be great if we could make more daring and exciting interiors products available to the public, and so Buster + Punch was born.

You told me you have two blacksmiths on staff, who also work from your garage/boutique in London. Tell me a bit more about how your design process works?

Our products are designed by me in collaboration with whiskey makers, bike builders, tattooists, and fashion designers to make them the most exciting they can be. The products are produced all over the U.K., and we finish most goods in our workshop in London. Our workshop is a huge railway arch in Battersea and houses our blacksmiths and furniture makers. Our passion is making things, and we invite the public into our showroom/workshop to become involved in this process. When you buy a light from our London store, you can experience firsthand the history behind the product and how it is lovingly handcrafted; this automatically gives birth to a special bond with our products. The days of buying “soulless” products from big corporations is over and people want heavy products that have great character.


You mentioned that you wanted to be borderline fashion and create atypical products—could you elaborate a bit on that?
We have always had one foot in the world of interiors and one foot in the world of fashion and culture. The interiors industry is seriously lagging behind the excitement of the fashion world, and it is our mission to bring that excitement and innovation to a new breed of young interiors brands. Our expertise is making beautiful lighting and furniture products, and we will always continue to do so; however, we also make a number of limited-edition products that blur the lines between your home and the catwalk. Products only get really exciting when they crossbreed with the unexpected—motorbikes and lights, whiskey and furniture, footwear and hardware. A great example of this is our next lighting range due out in May, called Heavy Metal, in which we will finish solid metal light fittings in olive oil and whiskey and smoke [them] over hay, so they not only look great, but will smell and almost taste great, too!

So tell me a bit about the line of biker boots that are coming out later this year?
In September we are launching a really special biker boot in collaboration with London shoemaker Justin Deakin: a men’s and women’s short buckle boot with Italian grade-A quilted calf leather and British solid brass hardware from our blacksmiths in London. We will also launch a limited-edition light fitting made from the same process. This is very exciting for us, as it will be a collaboration of two of the most exciting young British companies and also the first time the worlds of interiors and fashion have truly met.

Buster + Punch, Artillerigatan 29, Stockholm.

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Photos: Courtesy of Buster + Punch


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