I like to call her an energy guru, but Adelaide-based feng shui specialist Lucy Deslandes prefers the title “energy magician.” “It’s all about being in the flow and activating the chi to form a balance within your space,” she says. And she’s right.

Deslandes comes equipped with a set of impressive tools, ranging from a nine-metal Tibetan singing bowl to a Luopan compass that resembles some sort of sci-fi Ouija board, and it takes an open-minded clientele to fully comprehend the impact of what she’s doing; not surprisingly, she’s on speed dial with some of Australia’s most successful real-estate moguls. In addition to shifting spirits and ushering unwanted energy left behind by former tenants, Deslandes rearranges certain elements within a home according to colors, metals, and assorted properties. I witnessed her waving white sage and traditional nag champa incense around the border of my house and even observed a series of clapping rituals that reminded me of some fabulous African dance. Dispersing negative energy is her specialty, even from afar, as she works remotely with clients across the U.S. via floor plans, photographs, birth dates, and more. Further, even if my home isn’t quite making the grade for The World of Interiors magazine, after a consultation from Deslandes, it certainly feels like it should be. One day‚Ķ

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