UnknownDean, Otavio, Gustavo, and Dan in the lobby of the Hotel Fasano Rio de Janeiro.

When I spotted Cristiana Kastrup in the lobby of the Hotel Fasano, I barely had time to compliment her beautiful new DVF wrap dress, and asked, abruptly, in Portuguese, “Onde estão os gêmeos?” (“Where are the twins?”). “At the pool,” she replied. I took the elevator to the eighth floor. (I usually take the stairs to try to get some exercise throughout the day, but that’s not very pregnancy-friendly, and my six-month bump is thankful for the quick trip.) As soon as I set foot on the terrace, an unmistakable voice greeted me: “Oh, my God! That’s new! When is it for?” said Dean Caten, the six-minute-younger brother of Dan. The Dsquared² twins have been guests of the Fasano for as long as I can remember —and every stay of theirs has been beyond memorable! Dean and I sipped some coconut water and caught up a bit: My baby is due during the World Cup. (Yes, it will be a totally different “ball game” for me.) Apparently, I haven’t gained much weight (which, coming from these skinny, fashionable Canadians, is a really big compliment), and I learned that Dean and Dan opened a restaurant in Milan, on the rooftop of the Dsquared² headquarters. “It’s our little Fasano away from the Fasano. We don’t have the view, but we have a pool, and the food is delicious,” he said, as he showed me photos on his iPhone.

I was so distracted by the conversation that I forgot to look around for the other pair of twins that I desperately needed to find—the Pandolfo twins, simply known as Os Gêmeos. The brilliant graffiti artists are in town to celebrate their most recent project: a collaboration with Hennessy, for which they designed a gorgeous label for a limited and numbered edition of the iconic cognac bottle. Only 240,000 will be made available in the U.S.

UnknownThe invitation, featuring the illustration of the special-edition Hennessy bottle.

I finally spotted the soft-spoken and mysterious twins on some inconspicuous pool chairs. Otavio was taking in the view while Gustavo scribbled in a notebook. “You want to see?” he asked me, and then I realized he was asking to share with me the most private, precious book of incredible drawings in the world. My eyes got totally lost in the beauty and melancholy of the images, drawn so spontaneously, so perfectly. I could watch them draw all day, but we had a party to attend in their honor.

The party was held at my friend Guilherme Magalhães Pinto’s house, in Gávea. The view from there is as hypnotizing as the Pandolfos’ drawings. Pair that with bespoke Hennessey cocktails and a cool, artsy crowd, and you’ve got the recipe for a perfect evening!

otavio_pandolfo-2787Otavio Pandolfo deejays at the party.

Photos: Courtesy of Paula Bezerra de Mello/Bruno Ryfer [1]


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