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I was first introduced to Selima Salaun, the creative visionary behind luxury eyewear brand Selima Optique, by a close friend, and I fell instantly in love with her warm demeanor and infectious personality. After an initial meeting to discuss the idea of a collaboration with my husband, Tyson; our creative consultant, Browne Andrews; and myself, our yearlong journey to create new and innovative eyewear was under way.

The idea of working with mutual lovers of eyewear is nothing new to Selima, as she has been very successful with past collaborative endeavors. In my opinion, what distinguishes her in a market saturated with other eyewear brands is her background studies, done in Paris. That, along with fusing those lessons of craftsmanship with the essence of New York style, has created the winning combination behind her success over the years.

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Selima’s collections can be found in the most desirable locations throughout New York City. Selima Optique in Soho houses a spectacular vintage eyewear collection, and her Madison Avenue shop not only carries glasses but provides eye care as well, which sets her apart from her competition. The West Village locale was renamed Sucre once she joined forces with known fashionista Candace Mohr. They offer eyewear, clothing, and accessories, allowing a one-stop shopping experience.

diptKimberly sports a pair of glasses from her upcoming Selima collaboration (right).

My favorite Selima Optique location is on Bond Street. This is where all our magic creating the line has taken place. Every time I walk through the doors, I get tunnel vision and must focus on the goal at hand. If I get distracted and look to my left, I’ll see a glass case that houses vintage Hermès and other unique heirloom jewelry. Or I might see a beautiful Picasso dish set that makes my fingers itch to reach into my wallet. To my right, all of the store’s eyewear is displayed, and straight ahead is a delicious array of vintage and contemporary clothing. But my absolute favorite and the most dangerous area of the store is where the vintage handbags reign. The bags are by far my greatest weakness and I feel my strength drain every time I take a peek. The extra added touch and cherry on top of Bond Street is the milliner, who makes custom hats.

After getting to know Selima over time and seeing her work, I’ve come to truly enjoy the eclectic style and eye she has provided in all of her stores and collections. Her passion is evident in everything she touches, and I have to say it’s very sexy to witness successful art produced through one’s innate gift to create.

It’s all about the journey!

Kimberly J. Chandler

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Photos: Courtesy of Kimberly Chandler


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