Back in my hometown for Munich-based luxury e-tailer’s intimate dinner last week, I remembered how serene Paris is outside of the fashion calendar. I got to catch up, in a relaxed manner, with designer friends such as Mary Katrantzou and Roland Mouret, both of whom attended the dinner at Monsieur Bleu, an in-demand, fashionable eatery next to the Palais de Tokyo. It’s not my usual thing to spot It girls (as I have trouble recognizing them), but the beautiful brunette across the candlelit dining table looked cute. I like her smile, and her name is Daisy Lowe.

Do you enjoy coming to Paris? What do you like to do here?

Yes, I do. I love Le Petit Palais, for exhibitions. The Saint Laurent exhibition there was so inspiring. I queued for three hours to see it, and it was so wonderful, I really didn’t mind! I love going to see the burlesque show at The Crazy Horse. Those women are just incredible! I always try to get a steak at Brasserie Lipp, and I love Le Timbre, for intimate dinners.

You have been modeling since you were a kid, and lived around fashion for so long. Do you see fashion as a passion or hobby?

Fashion is definitely a passion. I love expressing myself with clothes, choosing different colors and shapes and fabrics, depending on my mood.

How would you describe your personal style?

At the moment, I’m enjoying wearing a French-inspired style, so lots of Saint Laurent suits, Breton stripes, high-waisted jeans and Puss in Boots-type boots. Brigitte Bardot is my daily style icon, for sure.


If you could choose three dream dinner partners, dead or alive, who would they be?

Yves Saint Laurent, Thom Yorke, and Jennifer Lawrence.

Are you an online shopper or store shopper?

I’m more of an online shopper, because I’m always on the run. But I do love trawling through my favorite shops when I get the chance.

You are getting into acting. How did you start? What is your most exciting forthcoming project?

I’ve always loved acting. It was something I always wanted to do. I shot my first professional role at 19, for Noah and the Whale‘s second album/feature. It was such a joyful experience, I wanted to do more. I have a small part in a film that comes out this year, called Pressure, and I am shooting a short film this week, which will premiere May 12.

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