Here in Australia, a place where a large portion of designers look beyond the seas for inspiration, it’s refreshing to note there is one young creative intent on anchoring her inspiration right where it should be. Atoll by Sophie Robertson is an otherworldly collection of silk scarves featuring assorted coral and underwater life captured within the Great Barrier Reef. Launched in 2013 by a young British expat residing in Sydney, the collection essentially combines her two primary passions in life: scuba diving and photography. And so last week, when the Central Saint Martins graduate offered to send me a scarf, I returned the gesture by shooting a selfie with one worn wrapped around my head, posing alongside a citrus tree in my garden. I was aiming for a Grey Gardens/Little Edie Beale kind of shot, and then, once I uploaded the image on my computer, the color palette instantly reminded me of a framed print I have hanging on my office wall, Fränzi in Front of a Carved Chair (1910), by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (below). You can find the original at Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, in Madrid. As for Atoll by Sophie Robertson, I’m particularly looking forward to seeing her upcoming collection of sarongs and can’t wait to photograph one of them while on holiday in southern Italy this Summer.

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Photos: Courtesy of Linlee Allen


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