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Since I recently attended Li Edelkoort’s talk on Brazil’s cultural richness, it’s probably not a coincidence that I’ve been noticing more and more designers who go down the path of using a language that is, in essence, Brazilian; young, modern, and elegant Brazil.

In the case of Lane Marinho, it was Instagram that led me to her inspiring work. Not only does she create beautiful shoes, she also creates a visual landscape in which she showcases them, and the combination left me completely seduced.

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Lane is a curious mind, one with affinities for the worlds of art and of manufacturing. In 2012, she started to experiment with oil painting, with a focus on natural beauty as her subject. Her vision is consistent throughout her paintings, shoe designs, photographs, et cetera. Her Instagram is a lovely source of inspiration.

The shoe design developed from a frustration: Working in big companies in Brazil, at 21 she started making her own prototypes to fill a gap she was sensing in style. An autodidact, her hands-on approach blends her knowledge of the process with the liberty of experimentation that she allows herself. The shoes are all handmade and require a lot of craftsmanship, so they are only available in limited quantities.

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Below, a quote from this lovely person:

“We make efforts to make beautiful things, create beautiful pieces, draw wonderful shapes. But in the meantime, Nature is there…graciously alluring, devoid of any effort, silent and elegant.”

For more information, visit

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Photos: Courtesy of Lane Marinho


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