I am a total Ibiza off-peak-season fan. On one hand, I admit to detest the Balearic island in July and August, at its most feverish period, and on the other hand, there is no better place to be during Easter time. Making maximum cash is not on the agenda yet. Locals get to enjoy their island and themselves, and all-around kindness is still intact, until clubs open in late May. It’s no secret that the island is “owned” by the Matutes family, headed by patriarch Abel Matutes, a powerful local and national political and economic figure, in his seventies now. From a small, post-World War hippie paradise also favored by eccentrics, exiled criminals, and former Nazis, Ibiza has become a bling-bling hedonistic “must” destination that makes Saint-Tropez look like a luxury retirement village. Matutes and few other key members made it happen. Airport, giant clubs, highways, and new hotel complexes; no expenses are spared, including occasional nepotism to bring in maximum amounts of tourists—and their money. Despite it all, I still feel at peace, at home, and lucky to be here. And yes, I am glad there is an Ikea store on the island these days, breaking the uniformity of sometimes-questionable local design offerings. All I can advise is if you’d like to spend some quality time on the island, go off-piste and come off-peak.

Movies to watch:

More (1969), directed by Barbet Schroeder
F for Fake (1973), directed by Orson Welles
I Am in Love With the DJ (in production soon), with Will Ferrell

Places to eat and chill (Use Google Maps to find these spots):

• Cala Carbo
• Es Torrent
• Cala Xuclar
• El Chiringuito
• Raco Verd (Sant Josep)
• Cala Xarco
• Cala Conta
• Macao Café (Santa Gertrudis)

What to wear:

Leave the high heels and hot pants to clubland go-go dancers.
& Other Stories denim-short overalls
Etre Cécile floral-design short-sleeve sweatshirt
Red Valentino gingham dress
Christopher Kane black botanical diagram string bikini
Givenchy Shark Lock textured-leather sandals
Illesteva Leonard II Stripes sunnies
Marni large fabric bag

Music to listen to (stay at home if you are not into electronic beats):

Alfredo: The legendary Ibiza deejay.
Solomum: A mix from last year at Pacha. The Bosnia-born, Hamburg-raised superstar deejay returns to the club every Sunday from May 25.
Misty Rabbit: This is a song I produced that’s inspired by a friend’s ill-fated love story with a transgender person in Ibiza.

Photos: Courtesy of Misty Rabbit


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Mimi Xu

Music Director/Sound Designer
Mimi Xu is an internationally renowned music director, deejay (under the name of Misty Rabbit), and sound designer. Raised in Paris, Shanghai, and Copenhagen, Xu eventually headed for Sydney, where ...