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Laurence and I are lucky.

We are lucky because although Paris is so hectic, and we are always too busy to plan a date, we still end up bumping into each other on the street and crashing the closest café for a joyful catch-up, some bona fide talk, and many laughs.

Laurence Maheo’s love for beautiful things and fabrics took her from her little shop at Les Puces de Saint-Ouen, where she used to sell vintage clothing, to the shelves of Le Bon Marché and Kirna Zabête, where you can now find her wonderful collection: La Prestic Ouiston.

She designs a wardrobe of beautiful pieces made of silk twill, vintage and original, which scream Parisian chic and with a breeziness to them that might have to do with her background in Brittany. Ines de la Fressange is a fan, as well as French actress Sandrine Kiberlain and many of my gypset-chic girlfriends.

So if you spot Laurence’s collection somewhere around the world, make sure to take a moment to play dress-up as a Parisienne and share some laughter and joy with your friend, just like we do here…

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Photos: Courtesy of La Prestic Ouistin


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