Hunter S. Thompson, Marlon Brando, James Dean. Not only were they all rebels, but they were also avid motorcyclists. And motorcycle enthusiasts and the culture that surrounds them have remained strong and continue to evolve.

Right in the heart of East Austin, Alan Stulberg, owner of Revival Cycles, has tapped into that culture by reinventing classic factory motorcycles; at present, he’s in the beginning stages of building cycles from scratch using a proprietary bespoke machine. The end product is a thing of beauty, aesthetically and mechanically speaking. No project is too complex, and Stulberg embraces the work that others either have failed at or won’t touch. Case in point: His current project involves a complete custom-framed Ducati being built solely with the factory engine as a starting point. But don’t let the mechanical lingo startle you. Stulberg and his team strive to roll out a welcome mat for all and hope to share motorcycle culture with the masses. As Stulberg humbly puts it, “We attempt to focus on being inclusive versus exclusive.”


Despite the fact that Stulberg and his partners launched Revival Cycles as a mere hobby, it has grown into a thriving business, and many are taking notice, including a “soon to be named” network television show, as well as former late-night celebrity and ultimate gearhead Jay Leno. Certainly it’s the company’s passion and stunning craftsmanship that has helped it gain international notoriety, but Stulberg and his team plan on staying put in their beloved East Austin. In fact, Revival Cycles just wrapped up its annual Handbuilt Motorcycle Show at the Fair Market space on East Fifth Street, and later this year, it will be expanding beyond its current warehouse workshop on Bolm Road to open a new 2,500-square-foot retail store and café on East Seventh Street.


“The east side of Austin was always where I thought I wanted our efforts to be poured into,” explains Stulberg. “We all live over here, and instead of whining about the developments that might occur on our side of town, I thought it was best to be part of the change and development to push it in the direction we’d like to see it grow. This is the part of town that is chock-full of artists and creatives like ourselves, and there really isn’t another place to be for us.”

See where all the magic happens and take a rare look inside Revival Cycle’s workshop.

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Photos: Courtesy of Andrea Calo


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