This past February, I went to Paris to do a secret shoot with Karl Lagerfeld, for something I can’t yet reveal. We were in his huge library, with his collection of over one million books!

After we were done, I complimented him on his jacket and asked him what brand it was. He answered that it was Dior. He then asked if I liked it, and I said, “Yes!” He told me to follow him, and he pulled a similar jacket out of a bag and told me to try it on. With super-excitement, I tried it on, and it fit like a Cinderella shoe! He quickly responded, “Keep it.” The voice inside my head screamed as loud as ever! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Karl sported a similar gray, white, and orange version of the two jackets made especially for him, and now I own one of ‘em. BEYOND HYPE. At the time he gave it to me, the jacket was a trenchcoat, but I thought it would be more chic as a blazer! So SWAG, SWAG, SWAG ME OUT, JU HEARD!


Photos: Courtesy of Theophilus London


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Theophilus London

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