Hola y aloha! Welcome to my own private Panama. OK, so I wanted to save this puppy for when we had a more established relationship, so here it goes: This is actually my favorite place in Panama. Yes, I say that a lot, but this is it! This is el Riba Smith.


The RS is not your typical supermarket. Nope, this place is crazy: the best brands in the world, the best fruit and veggies from the region, and all the goose and medicine you need to survive. When I’m in Panama, I usually come here two to three times a day (because I’m a freak). Cat food is key. They don’t sell iced coffee, but I just decided to put these two machines (below) together and make it myself. The girls who work here find it very funny. Café con hielo?! Gorgeous flowers, a lot of booze, and more bananas than the Banana Republic.


The one truly amazing thing in this particular spot is that you get to see a cross section of Panama, from First Ladies to little old ladies, all religions, all races, and all socioeconomic levels. If Panama is a melting pot for the world, then Riba Smith is the actual pot…hmm…pot.

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Photos: Courtesy of Miky Fabrega


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