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There are certain advantages to living under the radar in a tranquil city like Adelaide, my favorite being a recently discovered passion: bush walking. Here in South Australia, you can find some of the most magnificent nature walks on earth. Take, for example, the Mount Lofty Summit trek that kicks off at Cleland Conservation Park, situated just fifteen minutes from the city. Within the 7.5 km journey there’s a whole lot more Prana than Prada happening, but here more than anywhere nature calls as waterfalls and a diverse range of flora provide Kodak moments galore. For the sixty-minute ascent, comprising ultra-steep hills and rocky gorges, I recommend an iPod to accompany the workout (think Larry Levan, LCD Soundsystem, and Ladytron).

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As for the deep valleys, bridges, and steady descent from Mount Lofty’s spectacular lookout over Adelaide, be prepared to witness wildlife in all its glory as wild birdcalls provide the perfect soundtrack, accompanied by gushing water spilling through creek beds. In between concentrating on the trekking path, however, I always make a point of taking time to observe animals in their natural habitat; this is Australia, after all, and nature is full of surprises Down Under. Last week I spotted my fair share of koalas nestled high above in the trees, which is always a treat, but just imagine my delight when one of them tried to follow me home! Magic truly happens around these parts, folks.

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